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Spence Rate

A Libba Bray Stamping Community

Spence Rating
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A rating community for fans of The Gemma Doyle Trilogy

• You must join the community before voting on applications.

• In the subject line of your post, please type "No one can live in the light all the time" so that we know you've read the rules.

• Remember, before submitting your application, you MUST select the tab that says "HTML" located to the right of the subject line and directly above the text box that you compose your post in. This is the only way for the application to be posted properly. Any application that is not composed and submitted properly may be deleted in the queue.

• Fill out the application below and remember to elaborate to the best of your ability. This is very important. The more insights we have on your personality, the more accurate voting will be!

• Include at least one picture of yourself at the bottom of your application. This can be a link or an embedded image.

• You will have one week to garner votes. You will be stamped by one of the mods after one week is up.

• Please do not argue with other members or the mod. Flaming will not be tolerated.

• If you do not like what you have been stamped, you may reapply after one month of your last application post. Please add restamp in your subject line.


Please read all community rules
before submitting an application.


• It is encouraged that you continue to vote on applications after you have been rated.

• When voting, make sure the character you choose is a character represented by a stamp.

• Also when voting, BOLD your votes so that they are easy to spot when tallying.

• Please keep the amount of characters you vote a person at 2 or under.

• As always, no arguing or inappropriate shenanigans, please!

character blurbs - stamps - stamped list - resources